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“Providing means for continual
growth - drawing power from human experiences”

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Have a problrem image


One of our founding team members experienced a stuck energy back in 2018. Being on top of his game felt surreal, but finding his path ahead was challenging.

After all, what do you do after you’ve ticked all the boxes off your “To-do” list?

For how long can you just celebrate your achievements and not think of “what’s next?”

Continual growth became a challenge for him. He struggled with finding his potential again in the world he had already explored.

He then realized the problem, and in pursuit of finding his way out of this labyrinth, he reached out to professionals who might have dealt with the same. To his surprise, it wasn't awasn´t a different story altogether.

The problem

Being an experienced professional with considerable experience in the industry, he was lost and baffled to realize he might still have some uncharted areas which are blind spots for him.

But to figure it out alone without guidance felt like herding cats.

To boot, the bland and biased suggestions from seniors and colleagues left him annoyed.

He was on the lookout for a coach. Someone who could help him create a tailored growth map based on our founder´s specific situation and aspirations.

When he couldn’t find a solution, he again resorted to his colleagues but from a different standpoint this time.

the problem
The moment of truth

The moment of truth

Talking to his fellows, he discovered the undergoing issue. Many in his network felt trapped after reaching a certain point. They just accepted it as the peak of their careers and moved on.

He then wondered how things would be had those people sought help and tried to break the fence by seeking the assistance of those who would genuinely be there.

How convenient would a meeting point for coaches and coachees be, and what impact could it bring to the life of professionals? - He asked himself.

This thought is precisely what made Nordsta a reality today.

A platform image

“A platform for coach and coachees to meld and create impact”

Rajiv and team made their life’s mission to help people eliminate the roadblocks and create a growth hacking panel that would help people discover their potential and maximise success.

Like him, you can also create your pathway or lend a hand to others.